3 Best CBD Salve & Balm For Pain, Skin Reviews

Are you aware of CBD salve or CBD balm? Do you need these or not?

CBD salve and CBD balm are great CBD products, but they are not as popular as CBD oils and tinctures. However, they work similarly and deliver the same results. If you want to try another form of CBD that is easy and convenient to take, CBD topicals like salves and balms are great options.

CBD balms and CBD salves are just like the typical balms and salves only that they are infused with CBD giving them more healing powers. If you want to enjoy the benefits of CBD topically and you want to try something new aside from CBD creams and CBD lotions, these are the CBD products to get!

Continue reading to know more and at the end of the article, I’ll be sharing with you the top CBD salves and balms in the market. So, let’s get started!

CBD Hemp Salve & BalmStrengthCheck PriceBenefitsSizePrice
Endoca CBD Hemp Salve

Click Here To BuyOrganic. Gluten-free. GMO-free. Lab tested. 100% certified.1oz


Pure Hemp CBD Salve
500mgClick Here To BuyNon-GMO. Organic. Not greasy. Has many uses. Great moisturizer.1oz$44.99
Healthworx CBD Balm
150mgClick Here To BuyAffordable. Long lasting. Addresses different skin conditions.2oz$40

What Is CBD Salve And Balm?

What is CBD infused salve? I have tried various CBD products so I was very interested when I learned about this CBD ointment. I know you are interested too, so I’ll be sharing with you what I learned about this CBD product.

CBD salve is a topical ointment infused with cannabidiol. Although just like CBD lotions and creams this CBD product is applied to the skin, they aren’t really the same. There is a slight difference between the three. Unlike lotions and creams, salves don’t use water, it’s just a combination of oil and beeswax, so it has a very different texture. CBD salves have thicker consistency compared to lotions and creams.

But CBD balms are just like salves. They actually use the same ingredients. Both are oil based and contain no water. Instead, they use carrier oils, beeswax and herbs or essential oils. They are simple to make. Most importantly salves and balms are natural and non-toxic.

Although they are different, they are the same when it comes to the results they deliver. All of them help alleviate soreness, pain, inflammation, irritation and other skin conditions.

Moving forward, I will refer to the CBD products that I will be discussing here as CBD salves, balms or ointment. So, let’s continue!

CBD Balm Vs CBD Salve: What’s The Difference?

As mentioned above, balms and salves share similar properties. But they have some differences too. In this section, I will identify them to make it easier for you to determine which is which. But, overall, they share a lot of similarities compared to creams and lotions.

Usually, balms tend to be thicker and harder in texture. They are firmer and usually retain the shape of the container once hardened. Due to this, they have to be applied with more force than salves. They are perfect for deodorant and lip-type containers. They are great for sore muscles.

On the other hand, salves have softer consistency compared to balms because they contain a lower ratio of beeswax. Due to this, they tend to penetrate the skin more and are great for treating wounds and cuts.

How To Make CBD Salves?

When I was still new to CBD ointment and balms, I once asked myself “How are CBD salves made?” and I realized that they are easy to make. CBD salves are made like regular salves only that they are infused with CBD.

First, let’s discuss the ingredients. What is CBD salve made from? Salves are made of minimal ingredients.

Here are the CBD salve ingredients you need.

  1. Natural wax (most commonly beeswax)
  2. A fatty oil base or carrier oil
  3. A medicinal or therapeutic compound

Next, let’s discuss the CBD ointment recipe . To create CBD salves, follow the steps below.

  1. Create an infusion of the carrier oil and CBD. You can use coconut or olive oil as your carrier oil. Coconut is the most popular because of its increased fatty acid content which helps carry the CBD oil.
  2. Mix the CBD oil with melted beeswax to create the salve.
  3. Many CBD salves in the market contain other essential oils like lavender. If you have a favorite essential oil, you can add a drop in your CBD salve.

How Do CBD Salves Work?

CBD oils are the most popular CBD products and I understand that it’s easier to visualize its absorption process similar to CBD edibles like capsules and CBD gummies because they dissolve into the digestive gut and eventually make their way into the bloodstream. But the case is different with CBD salves.

CBD is not just the largest organ in the human body, it is active and functional, too. It acts as a barrier to potentially harmful substances. In the same way, it also acts as a useful molecular passageway and it works fast.

When you apply a CBD salve topically, the lipids in the oil base transport phytochemicals across skin cell membranes and they are absorbed by the skin which triggers the healing process to start.

Shortly after that, you will experience relief from pain and itch. CBD balms and salves also help with skin conditions like psoriasis and dermatitis.

CBD works by interacting with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which is responsible for achieving homeostasis in the body including regulating the skin’s response to foreign substances.

The ECS is made up of natural-occurring cannabinoid receptors linked to other vital systems in the body which regulate the body’s reaction to pain, skin sensitivity, hormone regulation, and immunity.

You can think of the process this way when the salve and balm start to work with the body’s ECS receptors, you will immediately experience the health benefits they offer.

CBD Salve Vs Oil

Should I use CBD salve or oil? Should I go for CBD tincture or salve? These are valid questions because both oils and tinctures are popular CBD products, so it’s understandable if you’re wondering what to get oil, tincture or salve.

CBD oil and CBD salves are different from their ingredients, the way they are manufactured, how they are used and how they work.

First, CBD salves and oils are used differently. Oils are used sublingually or by placing drops under the tongue. On the other hand, salves are applied topically by rubbing it into the desired area.

Second, balms and salves work quicker than oils because they are applied directly at the source, unlike oils that travel through the digestive system or go through multiple stages of absorption. In fact, many noticed that CBD salve works almost immediately while oils can take up to an hour to deliver results.

CBD Salve Vs Cream

Should you use CBD salve or cream? If you’re confused on what’s the difference between CBD salve or lotion, this section is for you.

CBD salves and CBD creams belong to CBD topicals and although they are very similar, they are actually not. Their differences include their ingredients as well as their intended use.

Balms and salves have simpler ingredients. They are often made with two to three ingredients, police oil, beeswax, and herb extract. On the other hand, creams require water and oil to be mixed together into a cream consistency. It also contains natural preservatives like glycerine and citric acid.

Aside from the differences in ingredients, another major difference is due to its consistency. Salves have waxy consistency and tend to remain above the skin for a longer period as opposed to a cream that is formulated to penetrate the skin. Due to this, there are cases when salves and balms are better than creams and lotions.

CBD Salve Uses

CBD salves are very helpful for various health conditions. According to reports, they can regulate pain, inflammation, appetite, memory and immune response.

They are usually used to manage pain . CBD salves can help with knee pain and joint pain. Several also use this for arthritis, carpal tunnel, back pain, and nerve pain. CBD is very effective in pain management and it delivers relief whatever discomfort you feel.

Great for skin care . CBD salves and balms help improve the skin because CBD has anti-aging properties, so it can minimize wrinkles and fine lines. Also, since it has anti-inflammatory properties, it can soothe shingles outbreak, eczema and psoriasis conditions. It improves dermatitis, cold sores, and sunburn.

Heals cut and wounds . Aside from offering relief, CBD salves can treat cuts and wounds. It has impressive healing properties, so if you have scrapes and abrasions, you can try it out. This CBD product has been proven to cure different types of lacerations.

Here’s a summary of CBD salve uses:

  • Regulates pain
  • Soothes inflammation
  • Hydrates flaky skin
  • Ease itchy bug bites
  • Heal new tattoos
  • Alleviate sore muscles
  • Relieve tension headaches
  • Mitigate psoriasis symptoms
  • Reduce menstrual cramps
  • Heal cuts, scrapes, and bruises quickly
  • Soothes sunburn
  • Improves sleep quality

Does CBD Salve Work?

Does CBD salve really work? I understand if you are still in doubt about CBD salves and balms because you don’t often hear them like CBD tinctures and oils. But when it comes to effectiveness, yes they work, too.

There are many testimonials and reviews supporting the effectiveness of CBD salves. According to them, they work very well for pain management and in soothing inflammation. Several also said that they help with skin irritation and heal cuts and wounds.

How Fast Does CBD Salve Work?

How long does it take for CBD salves and balms to work? I’m pleased to tell you that they work really fast. Since they are just like any topical CBDs, you can expect them to work as fast as five minutes because they are directly applied in the affected area.

In addition, they don’t go through the first-pass metabolism effects associated with the oral route which reduces bioavailability. So, more CBD is absorbed by the body enabling the salves and cream to work fast.

Best CBD Salve And Balms

CBD salves and balms are great CBD topicals. They deliver the same relief and comfort as creams and oils. They are also great for skin care. If you are looking for the best balms and salves in the market, these are the top brands to get.

1. Endoca CBD Hemp Salve

Click Here To Check Price

Endoca is giving us an organic, gluten-free and GMO-free CBD hemp salve that offers instant relief to various skin conditions. It is rich in CBD and vitamin E that calms and soothes. It also deeply moisturizes excessive dryness to give you healthy skin.

It is made from 100% natural food-grade ingredients and contains a highly potent dose of CBD that enables it to deliver the relief and comfort that you expect from CBD products.

Endoca salve is formulated to support normal skin function. You can use it on your face and body, day or night. It has natural oils and butter that protect the skin, especially in wintertime. It’s good for dry lips, elbows and cracked heels.

I can also guarantee that it is safe. In fact, you can use it for your baby, too. It is effective for diaper rash. It also soothes and calms irritated baby skin. Endoca is high-quality and free from harm. In fact, it is safe even if your child tastes it.

So, Is CBD Salve Edible?

Yes, there are CBD salves and balms that are edible like this one from Endoca.

Overall, this CBD salve is a great addition to your skincare routine. It doesn’t only give your skin ultra nourishment and moisturization. It also offers relief.


• Organic
• Gluten-free
• GMO-free
• Lab tested
• 100% certified
• Protects skin
• Safe even for babies
• Offers worldwide delivery
• Has dedicated customer care
• Conditions and moisturizes skin
• Offers instant relief for broken skin


• Expensive

2. Healthworx CBD Balm

Click Here To Check Price

This CBD balm is another favorite because it simply delivers what you expect from balms and salves. First, it has no artificial fragrances or flavors. I like its formulation because it has a nice texture, it is not greasy or wax-like. Also, it smells great.

When it comes to effectiveness, I am very impressed especially when it comes to pain management. I used to suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome due to my nature of work as a writer and researcher. I spend hours in front of my computer reading or typing.

One time, a friend visited me and I wasn’t really feeling good because my fingers and wrist were hurting. She was bringing a CBD salve as she considers it among her essentials. She applied some on my wrist and arm, and it worked. The results were long-lasting which really impressed me.

I purchased one after that and it always works. In fact, my condition has improved and the pain has not bothered me the way it did before such a huge relief!

I’ve had my mom who had been suffering from back pain tried it too and she noticed the difference almost immediately. It significantly reduced the level of pain. It also helps us feel more relaxed and enjoy better sleep. This has a lot of uses and some of its variation especially the lip balm is reasonably priced.

I’m very happy and satisfied with this product from its quality, texture, smell and the results it delivers. I highly recommend Healthworx CBD Balm!


• Non-GMO
• Organic
• Not greasy
• Great texture
• Has many uses
• Reasonable price (lip balm)
• Effective for pain
• Great moisturizer
• No artificial flavors and fragrances


• Results vary

3. Pure Hemp CBD Salve

Click Here To Check Price

Pure Hemp CBD Super Strength Salve offers a potent formulation that penetrates deep into the skin to effectively deliver relief from muscle aches and pains. In addition, it works well in moisturizing cracks and dry skins.

Its formulation includes CBD isolate. It’s mixed with herbs, Arnica extracts, Calendula and hints of Rosemary giving it a pleasant aroma. Calendula is perfect for moisturizing and swelling. Thanks to this, you will get to enjoy great and well-moisturized skin for using this salve. Arnica is great for bruises and improves carpal tunnel. It offers relief to various pains and aches.

Pure Hemp CBD Super Strength Salve also helps with dermatitis, rashes, and bumps. In addition, it soothes patches of itchy redness on the skin. When I use this, it makes my skin look less inflamed.

When it comes to its quality, I love the fact that it has no fragrance. It also feels smooth whenever I apply it. It feels very light. It’s not greasy and not oily at all.

Another great thing about it is its fast turnaround time. It works in as fast as 5 to 10 minutes. Whether you are suffering from nerve pain or joint inflammation, Pure Hemp delivers the results that it promises. It works, so I highly recommend it.


• Affordable
• Long lasting
• Not oily or waxy
• Feels light in the skin
• Great for cracked skin
• Good moisturizer
• Targets inflammation
• Heals cuts and wounds
• Rosemary helps lower cortisol
• Addresses different skin conditions


• Low CBD strength

Is CBD Salve Legal?

CBD salve is legal based on the Farm Bill. However, you should take note that it is only legal if the CBD is derived from hemp and contains no more than 0.3% THC. CBD derived from the marijuana plant is still illegal.

Where To Buy CBD Salve?

Where can I buy CBD salve? You can buy CBD salve easily and conveniently online. Check out the different websites of the popular and reliable CBD brands or visit their affiliate websites. You can also look for CBD salves on Amazon.

I highly recommend that you only make your purchase on legit websites because there are a lot of fake products online. If you get counterfeit products, you will only be disappointed because they don’t deliver results.

How To Buy CBD Salve?

If you are planning to buy CBD salve online, you can simply add the item to the cart and proceed to check out. If you are lucky enough and there’s a dispensary near you, you are free to visit and buy your CBD salve or CBD balm there.

How Much Does CBD Salve Cost?

CBD salves and CBD balms tend to be cheaper than CBD oils and tinctures. You can purchase a balm- or salve-infused with CBD for as low as $16. But the price may go as high as $90.

The average price-points for CBD topicals including lotions, creams, salves and balms are comparable to other CBD products. It falls between $0.05 and $0.15 per mg. CBD oils and serum tend to be pricier as it costs roughly between $0.25 to $0.40.


CBD salves and CBD balms are great forms of CBD topicals. Their texture and consistency are different from lotions and creams, but all of them deliver the same results. They moisturize the skin, heal cuts and wounds, and relieve pains and sores.

Salves and balms are very convenient to take. They are also easy to take making them a great addition to your beauty kit.

If you wish to learn more about CBD products, check out our homepage .


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