CBD For Quick Weight Loss? | 5 Best CBD Oil For Weight Loss

CBD Oil For Weight LossCBD oils offer tons of benefits including weight loss. CBD oil helps break down extra fats, burn extra energy, suppresses appetite and increases metabolism that effectively leads to shedding those extra pounds.

What is CBD oil good for? Can it help me lose weight?

Losing weight is very challenging to many. You have to cut your food intake, workout and sweat a lot to be in shape. Unfortunately, for some, this still doesn’t work. Have you experience taking a break from your active lifestyle only to gain back the weight you lose, and the worse part is — the extra pounds doubled?

If you’ve already tried the usual routes and experience no change in your weight, then it’s time to try a new approach. Try CBD oil for weight loss!

Strengths Available
cbdMD CBD Oil

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Nutty and Earty
500 mg/ 1500 mg / 750 mg

Shop HereNo flavoring but no unpleasant after taste
60 mg / 120 mg / 300 mg / 500 mg/ 1000 mg / 1500 mg
Diamond CBD Oil

Shop HereCitrus, Mint, Honey, Chocolate, Pumpkin Spice, and many more!150 mg/ 300 mg / 600 mg/ 1500mg/ 25000mg/ 45000mg

Shop HereTastes natural but not tart
100 mg/ 300 mg / 600 mg
Populum CBD Oil

Shop HereLemon lime
300 mg / 600 mg

Best CBD Oil for Weight Loss

Many are not aware that CBD can help with weight loss. However, you probably know this already and are looking for the top CBD oil to help you shed your extra pounds. Don’t worry, you will get what you want here.

1. cbdMD CBD Oil

cbdMD CBD Oil

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cbdMD CBD Oil is your partner in your weight loss journey. A number of women claimed that this CBD oil has helped them get in shape.

The cbdMD CBD Oil is high-quality. It contains no THC, so rest assured you won’t get high or addicted when using this.

Also, the brand only uses organically grown hemp and coconut oil so there are no pesticides, herbicides or chemicals. This is also non-GMO. It has no additives, no preservatives and is vegan and gluten-free.

What makes cbdMD CBD Oil among the number one choice of female professionals is its being a holistic health supplement brand. Also, the brand is dedicated to helping ladies reduce their stress and anxiety for a more joyful life.

As for weight loss, it really helped with my appetite. It also makes me more mindful of the amount of food I eat and when to stop.

Since I started using this CBD oil, I have less raging hunger which is a huge relief perhaps because CBD manages blood sugar levels. Before, when I feel this, I overeat and only feel it when I’m already too full.

Also, I tend to eat when I’m bored or when I find myself not doing anything. I also binge eat when I’m stressed. It seemed that my mind is wired to food.

Today, food just doesn’t appeal to me anymore. Also, I am now more connected to my body, I now know the things that I need to avoid to stop myself from binge eating and I’m pretty sure that CBD oil helps. So, I’m very thankful for cbdMD CBD Oil.

  • Organic
  • No preservatives
  • No pesticides
  • Non-GMO
  • No THC
  • Helps in weight loss
  • Helps with stress and anxiety
  • Available in different strengths
  • Expensive

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2. CBDfx – CBD Oil Review

CBDfx CBD Oil for Weight Loss

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CBDfx CBD tincture is 100% organic and 100% vegan. It is gluten free and non-GMO. Thanks to its premium and full-spectrum blend, this oil delivers what it promises – relief and wellness.

Unlike other brands, this only contains two ingredients hemp oil and MCT oil derived from coconuts. But, it works really well especially in helping you lose weight, enjoy quality sleep and be more relaxed.

CBDfx CBD oil comes in a light gold color that indicates the quality of its filtering. It tastes smooth and natural but not as awful as the other brands. It has no flavorings but still tastes good and has no unpleasant aftertaste.

Aside from the great color and taste of the CBDfx CBD tincture, I’m very pleased with its packaging. Unlike many that come in amber or colored bottles, this product is delivered in a clear bottle that allows you to gauge its color and purity.

Another thing I really love about this is its ingredients and directions that are clearly printed in plain sight. Also, I like the feel of the dropper it is sturdy and sensitive enough everytime you press it which makes it very convenient to use.

I didn’t expect this to help me lose the extra pounds I packed over the holiday, but I noticed that it suppressed my appetite. When I use this, I notice that I don’t think of food that much or when I do it’s not that appealing anymore. It was kind of new to me.

A friend who knows that I have been using CBD oil gifted me this and I could never be happier. It really uplifts my mood and it helped me relaxed when I’m anxious.

Overall, choosing CBDfx CBD oil gives you peace of mind and the product, itself, delivers relief. It makes you feel and look good.

  • Good packaging
  • Effectively improves sleep
  • Help you relax
  • Aids in weight loss
  • Detailed instructions in plain sight
  • Tastes natural without the unpleasant aftertaste
  • Has sturdy dropper
  • Expensive

3. Diamond CBD Oil

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Diamond CBD Oil is a natural dietary supplement for increased health and vitality. This CBD oil is very popular with weight loss.

If you are worried about feeling high when using CBD oil, don’t be because its THC content is very minimal. This is non-psychoactive, so be at peace because this will not make you feel high or addicted. Also, this is 100% natural and has no pesticides.

Another great thing about Diamond CBD Oil is the variety it offers. Normally, CBD oil doesn’t taste good. It has “earthy” taste which is honestly very unpleasant.

This brand offers different flavors: natural, strawberry, honey, mango, watermelon, peppermint, pineapple, piña colada, mint cookies, cherry, bubblegum, peach, cake batter, chocolate, raspberry, blueberry, caramel, cappuccino, french vanilla, pumpkin spice, coconut, fudge brownie, cookies&cream, honey&milk, and more!

I love mint and chocolate, thanks to these two, I don’t have a hard time taking CBD oil for weight loss. Actually, this CBD oil tastes amazing!

In addition, you can choose the oil’s potency because the brand offers you range of strengths: 150mg, 300mg, 600mg, and 1200mg. Its different potency allows you to get high-quality and high-concentrated CBD oil.

Whatever potency you need, you’ll surely find one in this brand. It is recommended that you start with low potency and work your way up.

I started using this after a friend told me that it helps her lose a few pounds just after a week of using it. We didn’t see each other for a month and when I saw her again, she was definitely back in shape.

That inspired me to try this CBD oil for weight loss and I’m very pleased because this helps me enjoy better sleep and keeps me more relaxed. This results in making wiser food choices and inspires me to work out more.

In addition, I noticed that I don’t crave for sweets and chips as much as I used to. Before I always love to munch on junk foods, I don’t have a snack time because I always find myself eating. From the moment I used this, I just feel that my diet has become healthier.

After two weeks, I lost 8 pounds and it inspired me to continue using this. It has been six months and I’ve already achieved the weight I desire and I couldn’t be happier. Thanks to this, I get to enjoy a healthier lifestyle and a fitter body.

Fortunately, this brand has CBD oil designed for vaping. Also, it’s costly but worth it. As its name suggests, you will look and feel fab when using this.

  • 100% natural
  • Proper dosage
  • Contains terpenes
  • Full spectrum
  • Pesticide-free
  • USA grown
  • Expensive
  • Not designed for vaping

4. CBD Pure Cbd Oil Review

CBDPure CBD Oil for Weight Loss

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CBDPure is another popular brand when it comes to weight loss. This product is derived from certified organic-standards industrial hemp. You can rely on its quality as the hemp used for this are grown in Colorado.

For your safety, this product is free from harmful chemicals and pesticides. It also implements strict quality control. In fact, the product is tested by a third-party lab.

Just like a normal CBD oil, CBDPure has that earthy smell. It’s not pleasant but it’s the usual properties of CBD oils, so it doesn’t actually turn me off.

As for the taste, it has the normal traditional hemp oil taste but it isn’t that bad at all. This has been filtered well and the taste is not tart at all. Its taste is actually a lot better than most CBD oil I tried.

Among the things, I really love about CBDPure is its color and viscosity. It has a golden yellow color because the company uses CO2 extraction processing to obtain their CBD. This process is non-toxic and is considered the safest way to extract plant materials.

In addition, I love how confident the brand is to their product. In fact, they offer a 90-day money back guarantee to ensure you that their product is worth trying. I’m very glad about this arrangement because it boosts my confidence in trying the product. I know that if it doesn’t work, then I can have my hard earned money back.

Also, if you are afraid of using CBD due to fears that it will make you feel high, CBDPure doesn’t have that effect. Instead, it has that soothing and relaxing effects.

As for my weight loss journey with this CBD oil, I must say that it effectively helps me make smart choices when it comes to food. Also, it helps me to be more mindful with what I eat and the quantity of food I take.

I read somewhere that stress eating significantly inhibits proper digestion which is not helping at all if you are trying to lose weight. Thankfully, this CBD oil relaxes me, which is a huge help because I also tend to binge eat when I’m stressed.

I lost a few pounds a months after using this. It’s not very significant, but I am very happy that I now enjoy my meals more and most of all, I can now control my eating behavior.

CBDPure Hemp oil is available in different strengths. Thanks to this, you can get the right strength according to your needs. The lower the strength, the more affordable the CBD oil is. So, if you are tight on budget, you can start with the low strength.

The only downside with CBDPure is its price because it is expensive just like most brands. Also, they do not ship in Arkansas, Indiana, Kansan and internationally. So, for those who are hoping to get a hold of this, you have to get it from other sources because the brand doesn’t deliver in those areas.

CBDPure is pricey. However, if you compare its cost to other brands, their price is just close.

  • Organic CBD oil
  • Uses CO2 extraction to process CBD
  • All products are quality tested by independent third-party
  • 90-day money back guarantee
  • Expensive
  • Doesn’t ship in some states and internationally

5. Populum CBD Oil

Populum CBD

Click Here To Check Price

Populum CBD Oil is another great brand if you are looking for a CBD oil for weight loss. This brand uses whole hemp derived CBD to deliver the benefits it promises. It also contains full spectrum cannabinoids and fatty acids to support your mind and body, promoting optimal health.

The whole plant hemp derived CBD is nutrition for the body as nature intended. Each bottle contains 1 oz. of a proprietary blend of coconut Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) oil with hemp derived CBD.

You can bank on Populum CBD Oil for quality and safety. They have partner production platform that controls cannabinoid production through industrial hemp cultivation with premium genetics and process it with state of the art Co2 extraction.

In addition, they make sure to deliver the best testing using their strictly regulated testing procedures. The also validate each product produced. Among the things they check are the hemp premium genetics, CO2 extraction and processing FDA, batch formula prior to packaging in GNP and FDA plants, and the final actual product before it reaches to your door.

The good thing about this brand is that it is very easy to use and you can have various ways to take it. One, you can just put a few drops under your tongue for quick bio-availability. Second, you can mix it in your food, drink or smoothy.

Aside from this, I love its custom lemon lime natural flavoring. As I mentioned, CBD oils don’t taste and smell good but thanks to this flavoring, it’s easier to take.

The entire process is closely supervised all the way from the growth of the hemp plant until the CBD product is delivered in your hands.

  • Uses CO2 extraction
  • Tests and validates product
  • Tastes good
  • Very easy to use
  • Can be taken in various ways (drops under the tongue or mix on food) 
  • Expensive

CBD Oil for Weight Loss: What Does CBD Oil Do?

CBD oil and weight loss are two things that you can take as one because CBD oil is an effective weight loss agent. If you want to add a new twist in your weight loss journey aside from your usual dieting and exercise regimen, this should be it.

So, how CBD oil works in helping you lose weight?

CBD helps you reduce weight by stimulating different elements in your body that assist the body’s breakdown of extra, helps burn extra energy, decreases lipid manufacturing, suppresses appetite and increases metabolism.

Here are some studies supporting CBD oil’s effectiveness for weight loss. 

Cannabis as Appetite Suppressant

When you take cannabis, the first thing that will probably come to your mind is “food.” It’s common to get thirsty and hungry after consuming cannabis with THC. However, an animal study shows that rats that consumed CBD consumed less food.

Cannabinoids such as CBD work on the body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS), which has been said to be one of the most crucial physiological systems in the human body. It organizes and mediates multiple important functions including mood, sleep, and appetite.

It is believed that ECS is vital in preserving homeostasis, a generalized term used to describe keeping the body in balance.

CBD is capable of stimulating appetite in people in dire need of nutrition at the same time suppressing appetite in those who need to lose weight. Its active compound helps keep the body in balance, so if you need to weight gain it helps you eat and if you are overweight it curbs your desire to chow down.

Cannabis and Calorie Burning

A Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry also featured another research that showed how CBD can help with weight loss by increasing the levels of brown fat, which can help you burn calories.

CBD does this by activating genes and proteins that facilitate the breakdown of fat. It also inhibits proteins that create fat cells through a process called lipogenesis.

CBD and Metabolism

Metabolism is another factor that affects your weight. If your metabolism is slow, you will pack on extra pounds especially if you eat too much because your body takes a longer time to burn the calories but you keep on adding more.

Another study published in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry in 2016 showed that CBD played a major role in the “fat browning process.” Brown fat is a specialized deposit of fat that can produce heat and increase energy expenditure.

There are two types of fat in our bodies, white adipose tissue and brown adipose tissue. Babies have brown fat but this usually disappears as they get older. By the time we reach adulthood, our bodies are almost made of white fat which is sad because the brown fat helps burn calories.

The study researched the effects of CBD on immature fat cells known as preadipocytes. And the research team discovered that cannabinoids help with the following:

  • Stimulation of proteins and fat genes that encourages oxidation and fat breakdown
  • Increases the activity level and number of mitochondria in the body’s cells that help the body burn more calories
  • Reduces the expression of proteins involved in generating fat cells (a process known as lipogenesis)

Another study conducted by researchers at the University of Nebraska College of Medicine in Omaha NE and published in 2013 by the American Journal of Medicine discovered that the use of marijuana was associated with smaller waist conference.

The research involved 4,657 adult men and women who reported using marijuana currently or in the past. However, CBD expert Rachna Patel, MD, said that she only saw weight management benefits in her CBD patients as side effects while treating other conditions.

Dr. Patel has treated patients with debilitating pain and excessive tiredness from insomnia and anxiety with CBD oil. According to her, once the symptoms are better manages, the patients were able to take care of themselves and made healthier food choices. They also exercise more and live a better quality of life.

Dr. Patel added that animal studies have shown an increase in metabolism linked to CBD consumption. However, she hasn’t observed the same in her practice.

CBD and fat breakdown

Michael Verbora, MBA, MD, CCFP, the chief medical officer for Ontario-based Aleafia, a medical cannabis care facility, also referenced animals studies where CBD stimulates genes and proteins that enhance the breakdown and oxidation of fat and decrease fat cell generation.

Despite the promising effect, Dr. Verbora thinks that more studies are needed to conclude that CBD is really effective for weight loss. However, those who have tried it can attest to its effectiveness in shedding those extra fats you wanted to get rid off.

How to Use CBD Oil for Weight Loss

CBD oil can be utilized in several ways for weight loss. Here are your different options to take this:


CBD tincture can be administered sublingually or underneath your tongue. Just put a couple of drops and wait for 60-90 seconds before swallowing it.

The number of drops may depend on the tincture you bought, your weight and some other different components.

Make sure that you are knowledgeable of the CBD oil you are using to maximize the results.


You can also use CBD vape oil juice for weight loss. This is the quickest and most correct approach to get the dose you want.

How much CBD oil for weight loss?

There is no exact formula to determine the CBD oil strength for weight management. However, your weight and metabolism matter, so you have to do a little experimentation what works best for you.

Some reported that a small strength like 10mg helped them with weight loss. However, others needed a much larger dose to achieve the same result.

It is highly recommended that you start with a small dose and work upwards. While you do this, observe how your body responds to it.

You can refer to this table to be guided with CBD oil dosage based on your weight.

Please note that edibles like CBD gummies are not recommended because you are trying to lose weight and it’s likely that edibles contain sugar.


CBD oil is generally safe, so don’t be afraid to try this if you’ve been trying to lose weight without success.  CBD oil can help curb your appetite, speed up your metabolism and more to help you to be in your best shape

The only downside is, these oils are generally expensive. That’s the only major concern because these oils have so little to no THC content, so it’s not addictive and will not make you feel high at all.

If you are planning to buy a CBD oil, pick any of the brands we recommend above and share with us how it helps you shed your extra pounds. If you are interested to learn more about CBD oil and its benefits, check out our homepage.


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