3 Best CBD Patches for Pain & Anxiety Reviews

Do you know that there’s a CBD product that can work for days with only one application? Are you aware of CBD patches?

If you are looking for a long-term solution for pain, inflammation or anxiety that you don’t have to apply from time to time, then CBD patches are for you. This type of CBD product is just like a band-aid, it is easy and convenient to use, but more importantly, it delivers results.

CBD patches aren’t as popular as oils and tinctures. Some might not even hear this yet, but they are as effective and are even more convenient to use.

If you wish to know more about CBD patches, continue reading and I’ll share with you the best CBD patch in the market today.

What are CBD Patches

A CBD patch is like a band-aid because it’s a piece of plastic infused with CBD that offers relief from chronic issues like pain and inflammation. CBD patches are relatively new in the cannabis world, but the technology behind it has been around for decades because the concept is similar to nicotine or birth control patches with few innovative twists that ensure the patch can deliver CBD to your bloodstream.

Naturally, bodies are warm when you are alive, and your warmth will activate the patch and cause it to release a small amount of CBD through your skin and into your bloodstream. It’s like an IV minus the needles.

CBD patch is best applied at the veinous part of the body like the ankle, arm or the inside of the wrist. They help with anxiety and sleep problems to name a few.

Transdermal CBD patches won’t get you high because CBD is not psychoactive, unlike THC. There are CBD patches with THC, but they won’t get you high either because their THC content is kept to a minimum or less than 0.3%, so you will not experience any psychoactive side effects unless they are mislabeled.

Types of CBD Transdermal Patches

There are two types of transdermal CBD patches and they are distinguished depending on how they are constructed.

Matrix. A patch that contains the CBD within the adhesive of the bandage itself. When the adhesive comes into contact with the skin, the CBD will begin to slowly disseminate throughout your body.

Reservoir. As the name suggests, the CBD is stored in the reservoir within the patch, usually in a gel form. The gel releases the CBD at a controlled rate through the adhesive and to the skin.

Can CBD patches get wet?

Yes, CBD patches can get wet. They are manufactured to stick to your skin for hours or days.

You can bathe, shower or even swim at the pool or on the beach without any trouble even with CBD patch on.

The latex-free patch is thin and doesn’t irritate the skin.

It doesn’t interfere with your clothing, too, making it perfect when you need a CBD patch to stop inflammation while you are on the go. You can also wear a cbd patch while doing your favorite exercise activities because it will still stick even if you sweat.

CBD Patches Vs CBD Oil

A CBD patch and CBD oil both deliver the CBD you need. However, one offers an advantage that the other lacks. CBD patch offers many benefits that you won’t enjoy with CBD oil.

Transdermal delivery allows a discreet delivery and direct dosage into your system. You don’t have to measure the CBD in a dropper because each patch comes with a certain CBD dosage.

If you want half of the dosage, then just cut it in half which is more convenient than measuring CBD in a dropper.

Another advantage of CBD patches from CBD oils is their delivery system. When CBD is delivered transdermally, it bypasses the lungs, liver, and stomach, so you get 100% of the medicinal value.

In addition, a CBD patch is a safe option for the forgetful because this method allows you to get CBD continuously for hours without taking CBD from time to time. Just apply the patch once and you can enjoy its benefits for up to 48 to 72 hours. Some brands can even work up to 96 hours, isn’t that impressive?

What Are CBD Patches Used For

What are CBD patches good for? What do CBD patches do? I know that many are looking for answers to these questions. I also asked myself the same questions before and here’s what I discovered.

CBD patches are popular for relieving anxiety, alleviating pain, improving sleep quality and reducing inflammation. But this particular CBD product can do more than that. It offers tons of health benefits.

CBD patches uses include a solution for the following:

• Cramps
• Menstrual cramps
• Nerve pain
• Neck pain
• Chronic pain
• Fibromyalgia

How to Use CBD Patches

CBD patches are very easy to use. For first time users or those who want to have an overview of how to apply CBD patches, just follow the steps below.

1. Clean the skin with an alcohol swab to remove the dirt and oils. Then, let it dry.

2. Apply patch on or near the area of pain.

3. Place the patch to an area with minimal hair and flexion. If the painful area is near a bendy part of your body like an elbow or knee, it is recommended that you attach the patch above or below that area where there is less movement. You don’t need to place the patch on the exact location to feel the relief that CBD patches offer. And don’t worry, you don’t need to wait long to see how quickly it works.

Usually, every patch includes instructions on how and where to apply it. So, I suggest that you read the instructions before using the patch. Also, you should know the dosage you have to take, CBD patches can be cut in half so you can have the required dose or save half of the patch for next use and extend its life

But, you don’t really need to worry about overdose. You can add extra patches if desired. Also, if you feel uncomfortable, you can remove the patch anytime.

Where Do You Put CBD Patch?

I understand that many of you are wondering where to place CBD patches. While it’s okay to place CBD patches anywhere, it’s actually best to place it in veinous areas such as the inner wrist or ankle to maximize the results.

You can also place it on the thinnest areas of your body such as inside your arm and thigh to make the patch work the fastest. You can also apply the patch directly on your skin especially on the areas of pain, inflammation, tension, and cancer.

However, please take note that it’s not recommended that you place the patch near your genitals.

How Effective are CBD Patches

Do CBD patches work? Are CBD patches effective? I often hear these questions from those who are new to CBD patches and haven’t experienced the wonders they deliver. The answer to this is a resounding, YES!

CBD patches have a time-release effect and it gives you a steady dose of CBD during the specified time frame. Also, they have a long wear time, the patches are usually waterproof or at least water-resistant. It sticks on your skin and continues to work its wonder even if you get a shower.

You don’t have to stop whatever you are doing mid-day to dose yourself with CBD because a CBD patch works for several hours to days and all that time it slowly releases CBD.

Also, they are easier to use because you don’t have to ingest it. CBD doesn’t taste good that’s why others have difficulty taking CBD oil and CBD tinctures, but you don’t have to taste CBD patch because it is only applied to the skin. Even if it is not ingested it works.

Do CBD patches work for back pain or anxiety? Yes, it does! Topicals work well for pain, but not really with anxiety. CBD patches work for both.

How Do CBD Patches Work

CBD patches work through a complex chemical reaction. Unlike CBD oils or tincture this is dry, so it sticks to the skin. It’s the body heat that activates the patch and causes it to release a small amount of CBD molecules as well as other ingredients present in the patch. Some patches contain THC, melatonin, caffeine, and more.

When using patches, CBD is delivered via the transdermal route where the active ingredients are distributed across the skin for systemic distribution. Once the ingredients are absorbed through the skin, they will make their way into the bloodstream where the body will process the compounds and you won’t experience the benefits until then.

Many love CBD patches because they want the transdermal delivery because unlike the other methods it bypasses the lungs, liver, and stomach. These are the traditional organs where the body filters or breaks down the cannabinoid. So, in theory, you should get 100% of the medicinal value of the CBD with CBD patches.

How Fast Do CBD Patches Work


CBD patches don’t work as fast as CBD vapes when you feel the results almost instantly, so you have to wait longer. However, the wait won’t be too long because the patch will work within 20 to 30 minutes from application.

How Long Do CBD Patches Last


CBD patches stick onto your skin. They are very easy to use and fairly quick to apply.

The patch provides a consistent flow of CBD reliably, effectively, and timely.

Transdermal CBD patches administer CBD in a slow cycle rather than all at once, so they can work for as long as 8 to 12 hours on average but some can last up to 72 to 96 hours.

Since they work for long hours, they make a great long-term alternative to pain relief medications.

Are CBD Patches Safe?

CBD patches are generally safe because CBD is pure and harmless.

CBD products including patches are created from organic and natural ingredients, so there are rarely any adverse effects.

There are few reported side effects for CBD but the benefits always outweigh it. For your peace of mind, here are the side effects of CBD patches.

• Dry mouth
• Diarrhea
• Reduced appetite
• Drowsiness
• Fatigue

Cannabis has been used for centuries to treat various physical and mental health issues and it is well-tolerated by children and the elderly. However, although this is generally safe, if you are taking other medications it’s best if you consult your doctor first because CBD might affect their effectiveness.

Are CBD Patches Legal

The 2018 Farm Bill has legalized the production and sales of CBD products if they are extracted from hemp and don’t contain more than 0.3% THC. Anything more than that is considered marijuana and it’s illegal.

Considering the Farm Bill, industrial hemp is legal at the federal level. However, down at the state level, the federal government is not getting involved and the state can choose to keep hemp illegal. Thus, it’s best if you check the laws in your state before purchasing a CBD patch.

Best CBD Oil Patches

What is the best CBD patch? I understand that you are really interested in finding the top CBD patch in the market that’s why you read up to this point. Don’t worry because I’m here to help and I will not disappoint you.

Pure Ratios 96 Hour Transdermal CBD Patch – Best CBD Patch

Pure Ratios produce the best CBD patch for pain in the market. The award-winning brand brings you the easiest and safest patch that will allow you to get back to living and enjoying an active lifestyle with much less pain.

Pure Ratios CBD patch is pure, additive-free, and hypoallergenic. It is packed with natural ingredients like virgin avocado oil, extra virgin coconut oil, virgin sweet almond oil, aloe and shea olein for your health.

This brand uses a unique patent-pending reservoir to deliver CBD for up to 3 to 4 days (96 hours). It’s very convenient to use this because you do not need to put on a new patch multiple times a day or change it daily.

Also, don’t worry because the patch is water-proof and the adhesive stays put for prolonged adhesion to the skin. You can just set it, leave it and forget it while enjoying its benefits for days.

This is very effective in alleviating pain. I’ve been suffering from horrible back pain due to an accident. From time to time, I also experience hip and knee pain. When I started using this patch, the pain was more tolerable. I noticed myself slowly doing the things I stopped doing before I got injured.

I’m very happy because I felt that this product brought me back to life. It reduced the pain I felt by about 85%, so I’m very impressed and satisfied. For those who want to transform their lives and end their misery with a CBD patch, I highly recommend that you get this product.


• Highly bioavailable
• Offers overnight relief
• Doesn’t get you high
• Uses natural ingredients
• Easy and convenient to use
• Synergistic botanical blend
• Excellent customer service
• The botanical formula penetrates the skin
• Third-party lab results are accessible
• You can save more if you buy the 5-pack
• Stays on the place and delivers consistent dosage for up to 96 hours


• Slow website

Other Recommended CBD Patches

Here are more recommended CBD patches that you should check out. All of them are proven effective for pain and anxiety.:

TRIO CBD Patches
CBD Life Trokie CBD Patches
Mary’s Nutritionals Elite Transdermal Patch
Palmetto Harmony Full Spectrum Hemp Transdermal Patch

How Much Are CBD Patches

When I was still new to CBD patches, I also asked myself this question: how much do CBD patches cost?

CBD patches come at different prices, some you might find expensive while others are fairly priced.

The price usually depends on the CBD grams present and the number of patches. There are brands that offer expensive CBD patches, but you can also find affordable ones.

CBD patches can be purchased either per patch or per box. You can buy cheapest CBD patch in the market from Amazon or online CBD stores and yes, they work well. If you’re on a budget, just find the best choice for you.

Where to Buy CBD Patches

Where can I buy CBD patches? I’m pleased to tell you that CBD patches can easily be purchased online. You may visit the different websites of the CBD transdermal patches that you find interesting.

You can also check on the affiliate websites because they offer legit CBD patches for sale. I highly suggest that you refrain from buying CBD patches elsewhere as there are lots of fake products online and they don’t deliver the results they promise.


CBD patches are very easy and convenient to use. I’m very impressed because it’s so simple to apply. You can just attach them and they stick on the area. They are also tenacious, so you can keep them on and they stay on the place even if you take a shower

CBD oil patches make a great CBD medication if you are forgetful because you don’t have to take it from time to time. Just apply it once and enjoy a consistent CBD dosage for hours or days.

If you wish to learn more about CBD products and what wonders it can do to your body, feel free to check our homepage.


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